Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life Is So Strange...Destination Unknown

Ok.  All you teens of the 80's - you know that song.  Here I am, one month ago, left a career I built for over 24 years!  Some would call me crazy....or stupid...or brave...Really, I am sitting here wondering which of the above apply?  Since leaving my job, I have been so busy getting the inn completely finished (which by the way...there is still a punch list!) that I have not really thought about what I just did.  They say to leave at the height of your career, right?  Hard one.  Yes, I was really good at my job.  I think I'll be really good at this job too.  Does leaving at the height just apply to sports?  I sit and wonder as I look at this beautiful inn around me.  I am excited for what is to come and hopeful that dreams do come true!  Life is strange and beautiful and crazy.  But, that is what gives us all energy each day - the unknown!  By the way, the song is by Missing Persons... hmm.  I don't feel missing...I feel at home!

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