Saturday, August 21, 2010

Reaching New Heights

It is now mid-August.  We look around and see so much that has been done, but yet, so much left to do.  Summers always go so fast.  The weather has been incredible.  Hot and sunny.  I don't think it has rained since early July.  (Of course as I say that, it is supposed to rain tomorrow!)

I have stained what feels like miles of cedar columns and beams.  They look great and then my contractor reminds me that they will need to be done every year.  Yea, ok - I'll worry about that next year - for now - they are done!  It is great to relish in the small things that are complete.  But, actually, they are not complete because we still need to caulk them and install the wood plugs at the brackets.  Anyway, for a moment, it felt good to at least think something was done!

The next task was to paint the main level terrace beams and columns.  This is where it gets more difficult.  Some of the areas are 30+ feet in the air.  So, Andy gets the priviledge of painting most of these - the price of being 6" taller than me! We soon realize that our extension ladder is not tall enough. So, our neighbor suggests using our pick-up truck and putting the ladder in the back. (Yes - are you cringing?!) But, Andy does it.  This works to a point.  As you can see in the picture - even 6'-1" Andy can reach only so far...So our neighbor has a taller ladder...