Wednesday, October 13, 2010

True Colors

One of my favorite songs - by Cyndi Lauper - yes, showing my x-gen age.  Le Puy is moving along and time has come to paint the interior.  Andy and I spent a long time selecting colors for each room.  We studied Feng Shui, the inspiration behind the names for our rooms.  With each room, there are specific associated colors and natural elements.  So, out came the Sherwin Williams box of colors and after many weeks, a palette formed.  I purchased 33 different colors and believe that we should get some kind of royalty and be featured by Sherwin Williams - I mean really - who uses 33 of any manufacturer's colors on a house?  Anyway, almost all the painting is complete and happily after 2 weeks of squatting, climbing up and down ladders, rolling paint, washing brushes...
I like every single color!  The rooms look amazing.

In addition to paint, the tile in the bathrooms is nearly finished.  Wood floors are in and trim and doors are next.  The new railings are finished at the back terrace.  Lighting is getting installed.  Every penetration caulked and sealed for acoustics.

It feels like such a long road.  It has been 2 years since our crazy adventure started.  It is hard to believe at times how far this place has come.  At other times, I feel so exhausted, I have to dig down deep to find energy and initiative to keep going.  Just when I think I might break, something wonderful will happen - like the painting looking amazing, a contact from someone local in the community supporting us, a beautiful sunny day, a serene foggy morning.  Stealing an afternoon at the beach.  Focusing on the moments, the little things and finding joy in each step is getting us through.  Today is also, the 14th anniversary of being together for Andy and I.  So, at this moment I reflect on all the beauty around me and I do see the true colors...and that is why I love this!