Sunday, May 25, 2014

Over Le Puy

We recently had aerial photos taken of Le Puy.  It is our fourth season and the landscape has matured and expanded since our opening in 2011.

On season, guests enjoy a perimeter path and labyrinth!  Our cutting and vegetable garden in the SW corner stretches 800+ lineal feet.

It has been wonderful to watch our trees, flowers and gardens grow over the years.

The Anjou Terrace offers lounging during the day and star gazing at night.

The Courtyard is a sunny spot for bird watching and relaxing with the water feature affectionately named "Le Puy". The wisteria in the courtyard arbor flowered for the first time this year too! Countless baby birds abound - blue birds in the box, gold and strawberry finches in the cyprus trees and a robin's nest nestled under the wisteria.  I am sure the killdeer are nesting below in the cottonwood grove as you can hear them screaming every now and then!

Projects underway or completed this year include all guest suites with individual thermostat control and our solar array installation scheduled for early June!  More information on that coming soon!