Sunday, November 28, 2010


Thanksgiving is an interesting Holiday.  It happens so quickly after our weather turns and then all of a sudden it is Christmas time.  I had imagined that the construction work would be way over by now, so as 2011 gets closer, I am getting more nervous.  The house is a mish mash of completeness and I so desperately want to furnish it and open our doors.  I have lived amongst dirt and dust longer than I ever care to again.  But, the good news is there is lots of progress from the landscaping to the interior.  So, as this holiday passes, and the turkey settles, I give thanks that I am where I want to be and our dream is soon going to become reality.  Our reservations our live now, so fingers are crossed as we plan to open weekends in February and then full time in March!
View from Water's terrace
View from Mountain 
Lake's Bathroom 

New door at Earth's bathroom
Earth getting furniture finally!

Thunder's new barn door

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Keeping focus

As the weather really begins to turn to winter, it is getting hard to keep focus.  Construction is continuing slowly but steadily and I can see the end in sight.  There is a bittersweet feeling as the process has been exciting and now that chapter is ending and a new one beginning.  The final furnishing and decorating of the inn will be fun and challenging and I look forward to that.  (Albeit, it also sounds daunting!)

The impending end of my employment as an architect is also bittersweet.  I have enjoyed my career and I guess deep down hope that in one way or another, I will continue it in some capacity.  There are so many years, colleagues, clients, projects and experiences under my belt and it will be hard to walk away.  I have to keep believing that this is the right path to take in my life at this time.  Keeping focus is hard over the years it has taken to get to this point.  The drizzle and cold seem to add extra weight to that.  The view this morning from the house was beautiful though.  Following a crisp, clear night with a full moon, the sky was bright and sunny and then slowly a fog settled into the Valley followed by the pending cold rains.  The quiet time of the year is here and I will find solace in the beauty of what we have built around us and dig down for fortitude to stay on track!

Early morning view from the main terrace

Sunday, November 7, 2010

8 Bathrooms

We are in the last few weeks of construction now and I have actually been able to CLEAN.  It has been so hard living in a dusty mess for 6 months.  Just being able to vacuum, wash floors...yes, I am weird that way.  I like to clean.  I guess that is why being an innkeeper will be a great fit for me.

Our beds were delivered this week and the arrival of the first of the inn's furniture is thrilling.  We now have 8 fully functioning bathrooms.  Here are some shots of each one.