Friday, November 11, 2011

Day Trips from Le Puy - Pacific City, Oregon Coast

After hearing from many guests about how great Pacific City is, love the Pelican Brewery, hiking the dunes and rocks, we decided we had to go see for ourselves!  We took Meadow Lake Rd west out of Carlton to the Coast.  This is a very scenic drive and took about 1 hour 45 minutes.  There are a few spots to stop and take a hike if so inclined but we drove straight through.  The road is paved most of the way and when you come upon the gravel part - never fear, it only lasts for about 3 miles.  But go slow, because it is a little rough.

We got to 101 and you turn left, headed south.  Follow the signs into Pacific City and then to Cape Kiwanda and the Pelican Brewery.  The beer was great and I had a scrumptious hamburger and Andy fish/chips.  Pick up a couple of bottles of the special Belgian brews to take with you too!

Dunes hill climb!

Cape Kiwanda from the Air 
After lunch, we hiked up the dunes - not for the faint of heart!  I thought I was in good shape but there is little hiking more difficult than sand (except deep snow).   But, the views from the top and the hike around to see the waves crashing on the cliffs below is well worth it!

The beach is  great walking beach too and offers many photo opportunities from haystack rock (yes, they have one too Canon Beach!) and the surfers playing in the waves.  If you like climbing around on rocks, this is the beach for you too!

We took 101 back to 22 to 18 and then home to complete the loop.  About 1.5 hours.  A great day trip!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day Trips from Le Puy - Silver Falls State Park

South Falls
Autumn is here and we have seen a slowing of guests during the weekdays.  We took the opportunity to try out a day trip from Le Puy ourselves.  Silver Falls State Park is Oregon's largest State Park and is located 1.5 hours from the inn, east of Salem.  The park is beautiful with several options for shorter to longer hikes, bike trails and pet friendly trails.  The Trail of Ten Falls is just under 9 miles and is an easy hike with lots of photographic scenes.  The highlight is walking behind several of the waterfalls.  Autumn is one of the best times to visit - the leaves are changing and fluttering down the canyons, floating on the pools of water at the base of these majestic falls.

South Falls from trail behind it

South Falls

Lower South Falls

Lower South Falls from behind the falls

Trail behind the falls

Me and Andy

Lower North Falls

Double Falls

North Falls

North Falls

North Falls

North Falls from behind

at North Falls viewpoint

North Falls seen from Rim Trail

perfect end to a perfect day!

For more information:
Trail Map:
Oregon State Park site:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eat Taste Love Summer Vitality 2011

Our first Eat Taste Love weekend was wonderful.  We could not have asked for better weather.  Crystal clear sunny skies and warm temperatures made our al fresco dinners spectacular.  The weekend started at Le Puy with Soléna/Grand Cru Estates, Beroldingen Cheese, Republic of Jam, The Dark Chocolatier, Rogue Creamery, Longbottom coffee and Olive Oil from the Oregon Olive Mill.  The 5 course wine paired meal was a true example of how locally grown and produced food can create a meal to remember.  Bruno, the assistant wine maker at Soléna, explained bio-dynamic winery management to the guests and we tasted their Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Grand Cuvée Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Late Harvest Reisling.  The Dark Chocolatier's amaretto cheesecake with white chocolate shavings and dark chocolate truffle ended the night perfectly. 

The next day, guests enjoyed a tour of Soléna followed by a visit to Coeur de Terre for a vertical Pinot tasting and lunch in the vineyard by the Rogue Gourmet Catering.  After a rest at the inns, it was over to Deer Haven Farms where Christina and Stuart have created an enchanting outdoor venue.  Terraced patios decorated with flowers and surrounded by the vegetable garden, chickens and cows was like an oasis of elegance in the middle of a true farm.  Framed by a trellis made from a felled tree on the property, guests enjoyed a 7 course meal by Red Fox Bakery and Coeur de Terre wines.  Music by Larry Brown created a festive ambiance and the Salmon smoking on the pot-latch style fire brought the beauty and vitality of summer into focus for all attending. 

The next event is Autumn Harvest featuring working crush with WillaKenzie, as well as Fox Farm and Coelho wineries.  Gilbert Henry of Cuvée, Red Hills Market and Perfect Picnics will ensure that our guests are well fed.  The weekend of October 14-15 coincides with the Art Harvest celebration in the valley, so guests will enjoy several of our local art galleries as well.  Reservations are limited - but the Allison Inn & Spa has helped us expand the attendance with 3 additional rooms.  Call Le Puy for more information 503-554-9528.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Events at Le Puy - First Wedding Breakfast

As we roll into the lazy days of summer, the daisies are still in bloom and mornings are quiet and softly sunny.  The air carries the smell of the ocean as it rolls in from the west over the coastal range.  It keeps the valley fresh.  We had our first al fresco breakfast for a wedding couple and their family last weekend.  It was the morning after the wedding and the couple enjoyed a stay in "Heaven".  Breakfast started with homemade meusli and biscotti followed by pain perdu (oven-baked french toast) and Carlton Farms bacon.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wine Dinners at Le Puy - May 22 with Gilbert Henry

Table is set!

Appetizers paired prefectly with Knudsen Block Argyle Bubbly
Le Puy hosted a wonderful wine dinner in May.  Our guest chef, Gilbert Henry of Cuvée Restaurant in Carlton, was our honorary first chef at this first wine dinner event.

He started the evening with mini quiches, hummus & crostini, and paté which we paired with Argyle's Knusden Block sparkling wine.

The second course, a lox style smoked salmon on a bed of arugula with Soléna Pinot Gris was bright and fresh.

A lovely baby green salad with french herb vinaigrette for a palette cleanser and then on to the Moroccan Lamb Stew and cuscous. WillaKenzie Pierre Léon Pinot Noir and Owen Roe Cabernet Sauvignon dueled for a best pairing with this course.

The final treat was a duet of creme brulée - vanilla and szechwan pepper!  Magnificent with ArborBrook's Sydney Semillion.

A wonderful inaugural wine/chef dinner for Le Puy!
Gilbert at work in Le Puy's Kitchen

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Many miles, many roads I have traveled

Dearest Andy

 - tomorrow is your last day up in Bremerton as an architect for Rice Fergus Miller.  Almost 9 years you were there.  I cannot wait until you drive up to the inn tomorrow night - for good!  No more leaving on Sunday, back on Thursday.  It has been 4 months of this and I must say I am so ready to have you here full time.  Our dream will be more real with you at my side and each day will be special together.  I cannot wait!

June 23, 2011, another memorable day in our journey together through this wonderful life!

This guy was meant for me
And I was meant for him
This guy was dreamt for me
And I was dreamt for him

This guy has danced for me
And I have danced for him
This guy has cried for me
And I have cried for him

Many miles, many roads I have traveled
Fallen down on the way
Many hearts, many years have unraveled
Leading up to today

This guy has prayed for me
And I have prayed for him
This guy was made for me
And I was made for him

I have no regrets
There's nothing to forget
All the pain was worth it

Not running from the past
I tried to do what's best
I know that I deserve it

And I thank you

    -by Madonna

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eat Taste Love - Summer 2011

Summer 2011:  Vitality
August 26-27-28
Detailed Itinerary

For reservations contact Le Puy:  
      503-554-9528 or

Cost: $295 per person plus 2 night's stay in one of 10 suites priced from $195-$375/night.

Sowing the seed,
my hand is one with the earth.

Wanting the seed to grow,
my mind is one with the light.

Hoeing the crop,
my hands are one with the rain.

Having cared for the plants,
my mind is one with the air.

Hungry and trusting,
my mind is one with the earth.

Eating the fruit,
my body is one with the earth.

Wendell Berry

Friday – location Le Puy
4:00 Arrival and check-in
5:00-6:00 Le Puy tour and presentation
6:00-9:00 Solena presentation and tasting, dinner featuring Republic of Jam, Oregon Olive Mill, Beroldingen Farms, Carlton Farms, Misty Mountain Mushrooms, The Dark Chocolatier and Rogue Creamery

Saturday – locations:  Wineries and Deer Haven
10:30 Depart inns
10:45-12:00 Solena & Grand Cru Estates tasting and tour
12:00 Depart Solena
12:30 Coeur de Terre tasting in the vineyard with lunch by Rogue Gourmet Catering, walk through the vineyard and tour winery
2:30 depart
3:00-5:00 rest at inns
5:15 arrive Deer Haven Farms
5:15-6:00 Tour of Deer Haven
6:00-9:00 Dinner in the labyrinth with chef Jason Furch of Red Fox Bakery, wine by CdT and music by Larry Brown

Transportation provided by Newberg Ford

Start your weekend with a presentation and tour of Le Puy.  Learn how two architects became innkeepers and about the quest to renovate the large single family home into an 8 room inn as sustainably as possible.  Lea Duffy and Andy Kosusko will discuss the challenges of being architect and owner and making decisions about cost vs benefits. The evening will also feature a presentation from Solena & Grand Cru Estates on the biodynamic vineyard process.  Enjoy Solena’s wines while feasting on cuisine prepared by Le Puy featuring local products of Republic of Jam, Oregon Olive Mill, Beroldingen Farms, Carlton Farms, Misty Mountain Mushrooms, The Dark Chocolatier and Rogue Creamery.

Saturday, after breakfasts at the inns, the adventure begins with a tour and additional tastings at Solena & Grand Cru Estates’ beautiful winery.  A journey through the romantic, rolling hills of Yamhill County leads to Coeur de Terre nestled in the foothills of the Coastal range.  Lisa Neal, owner of Coeur de Terre, will discuss her philosophy of sustainable vineyard management from an economic, environmental and social perspective. Enjoy a tasting and winery tour followed by northwest cuisine prepared picnic style by Rogue Gourmet Catering next to the pond in the middle of the vineyard.

Later that afternoon, explore Deer Haven Farms B&B. Christina and Stuart Sommers have lovingly cultivated a farm with a goal to produce 80% of their food onsite.  Deer Haven farms makes their own soil and compost, raise livestock and grow most of their own vegetables and fruit.  They also grind their own grains from locally produced sources. Guests will journey through an edible labyrinth while taking in the scents of summer.  At the heart of the labyrinth, guests will discover chef Jason Furch of Red Fox Bakery, an outdoor kitchen and farm table set for a 5 course feast featuring wines from Coeur de Terre.  Guests will help gather fresh vegetables for the meal and enjoy lively guitar music from Larry Brown. 

On Sunday, all will enjoy full breakfasts at the inns then return to their daily lives with fresh new ideas and perspective on sustainable living!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

2 Inns...1 Event...4 Seasons

A weekend package by Le Puy A Wine Valley Inn and Deer Haven Farms B&B

Summer:  August 26-28


Fall: October 14-16


Winter: January 27-29


Spring: April 20-22


All of our events feature multiple wineries, local chefs and restaurants and the promise of a diverse experience enhanced by a dialogue about what authentic sustainable living really means. In total over 40 local businesses, highlighting some of the best the valley has to offer, will be enjoyed by our guests.

Space is limited.  2 night's stay in one of our beautiful suites + $295/person event cost 
all inclusive: dinner Friday and Saturday night, lunch on Saturday, wine tour, tasting fees, all transportation and, of course, Saturday and Sunday breakfasts at the inns! 

Call Le Puy at 503-554-9528 or email: for more information.  

Updates and agendas for each event coming soon!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

June Weekends in Oregon Wine Country
Escape...Come Alive...Breathe Free with a package weekend at Le Puy

Come experience the beauty that is Yamhill County and the romantic winery roads.  Le Puy is Oregon's newest luxury B&B and we are celebrating with other local businesses as Spring turns to Summer. 

  • 2 nights stay in one of our beautiful suites: Earth, Fire, Air or Water
  • Friday dinner in at the inn - enjoy a romantic, casual BBQ dinner with wine at Le Puy
  • Saturday Wine tour to 4 or 5 wineries with picnic lunch included
  • Saturday Dinner at one of our fabulous local restaurants (transportation to/from included)
  • Saturday and Sunday full breakfasts
$950 all inclusive!
Add $200 for a stay in Heaven, Mountain, Thunder or Lake suites.

Contact the Inn at 503-554-9528 or

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Before and After

Water - pre renovation, that is the same sliding
door as in the finished room picture!

Water - finished!

Fire - originally the pink room

Fire - now the red room!
It was about one year ago that Andy and I geared up to do the demolition in order to create the inn.  I found some old pictures and thought it would be fun to show the before/after.  Pretty amazing!  Thankfully, the demolition is behind us.  My fingers can still remember the painfulness of back pulling nails and cramps from holding the drill to unscrew drywall screws, ripping up carpet and that spiky carpet tack strip (ouch!), piles of drywall and the drywall dust, crushed fingers from prying up miles of trim and the careful stocking and labeling of everything for reuse.  I am sure we'll find another project soon but it is nice to walk around the inn and see it all finished.