Saturday, April 30, 2011

Before and After

Water - pre renovation, that is the same sliding
door as in the finished room picture!

Water - finished!

Fire - originally the pink room

Fire - now the red room!
It was about one year ago that Andy and I geared up to do the demolition in order to create the inn.  I found some old pictures and thought it would be fun to show the before/after.  Pretty amazing!  Thankfully, the demolition is behind us.  My fingers can still remember the painfulness of back pulling nails and cramps from holding the drill to unscrew drywall screws, ripping up carpet and that spiky carpet tack strip (ouch!), piles of drywall and the drywall dust, crushed fingers from prying up miles of trim and the careful stocking and labeling of everything for reuse.  I am sure we'll find another project soon but it is nice to walk around the inn and see it all finished.  

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yamhill-Carlton AVA Tasting April 30th

Relax in the Great Room at Le Puy after a day of Wine Tasting!

Check out the Yamhill-Carlton AVA Tasting event this coming Saturday April 30th at Anne Amie Vineyards.  Anne Amie has one of the most beautiful views in the Valley.  Le Puy will be offering specials for this last weekend in April.  Call the inn for more information!


More information on the event:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Year Ago

Hello there little Le Puy.  Here we are one year since our first blog post.  Our dream is now alive and well.  We are open.  It has been a labor - a labor of love with some tears, bruises and callouses!  But a labor of love nonetheless.  I love your view, your airy rooms, the beauty that you are.  I lit a fire today in your fireplace and it was calm and inviting and relaxing.  My little Le Puy, my haven and home, may you bring joy and peace to those that visit as you have brought to my heart.  With gratitude, I look forward to our next year together!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


The Tulip.  

Everyone thinks of spring when they see a tulip or at least of Holland.  However, I was just reading that the tulip is an original of the Ottoman Empire - so it is Persian!  In Persian it is lâleh  or Lale.  Tulip is nicer I think.  Lale became tulipa, tulipant (sounds like an elephant....!) and finally the French straightened out the name as tulipe (pronounced 'too leap').  Ultimately the name tulip is thought to be from Persian words tülbend ("muslin" or "gauze") and dulband ("turban"). Hmm.  

Living in Washington State for so long, I used to think as a little girl that the Tulalip tribe was named after tulips. 

What does all this have to do with Le Puy?  Just excited to see those first beautiful turbans, er buds of tulips appearing in the gardens. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Showers

Spring is so amazing.  It is the first spring that I am at Le Puy full time.  So, I am getting to watch the slow, lazy wake-up of the trees, flowers, grasses and birds.  The Mt. Fuji cherry is on the brink of bud break, the maples have bright little red tufts where soon leaves will be, daffodils are fully bloomed and our tulips are starting to take a peek at April.  We have some blue birds flitting around and checking out the bird house donated by a neighbor.  The killdeer are back and nesting in the fields. Robins are twittering and hopping around - and battling themselves in one of the windows of the inn.  Sigh...every morning I have to clean up after the little guy.  You think he would tire of smashing himself aimlessly into the glass that appears to him to be another dueling male.  No one ever claimed that birds were genus!  

Guest reservations are slowly picking up - similar to the awakening of the buds on the trees.  Our hope is that like the trees, the reservations burst forth in full force. Back to that word patience again.  Nature has its steady patience, so I am learning to try to have mine!