Friday, May 11, 2012

New Additions to Le Puy

The new entry to the Saumur Room
Saumur Room with courtyard and inn beyond.

Our weather is so lovely today and all the plants have perked up.  Birds are nesting and flitting about.  Our second peak season is upon us and we are so excited about our new additions.  

Saumur Room - named for the city closest to the village of Le Puy Notre Dame.  We have renovated our barn to create the perfect venue for weddings, seminars and other celebrations.  It comfortably holds up to 40 people and with a wood stove is ready for any weather Oregon has to offer!  The renovation was a creative re-use project.  Our cork wall is made from weathered scaffolding left over from the roofing installation, offcuts from the arbor and 1200 corks saved over time and some donated by our winery friends.  There is a mix of antique chairs and tables Andy is making from left over flooring.  Wineries donated old wine barrels and our ornamental grasses adorn the unfinished walls.  The lighting is on hog fence hung from the trusses.  Finally, we are creating the Oregon Wall of Wine - our goal to fill each of the bays of the barn with all of the wonderful Oregon wine labels!
My winter art project - over 1200 corks!

Andy in front of the expanding Oregon Wall of Wine!

Anjou Terrace - named for the region along the Loire in which Le Puy Notre Dame is located.  The terrace is an expansion/enhancement of the firepit area.  We added a sitting wall, reclaimed wood arbor and about 500 plants to the hillside. There is, of course, espaliered D'anjou pears to complete the setting.  It works ideally for bocce, sitting by the firepit and as a wedding venue.  

We are looking forward to our guests discovering our new spaces and ... filling the wine wall too!

The Anjou Terrace
Ready for bocce!