Sunday, December 12, 2010


Earth's Barn Door
Patience has never been one of my virtues.  The amount needed to properly stain wood doors and trim is staggering.  So, I am guessing this is one of my life challenges as there is a boat load of it to do right now.  The worst part is prep - sanding, vacuuming the dust off, getting the finger prints from the contractors off, sanding some more...and then finally staining.  Ooh - and then you get to sand again and stain again after waiting hours and hours for the stuff to dry.  It seems endless.  I figured out quickly that brushing it on was not the best way and found these cool little white terry cloth covered sponges.  It changed it from painting to more like cleaning.  Now, you're talking.  That I like to do.  So, I just pretend that I am wiping clean the miles of wood in this house instead of using sticky, stinky wood stain and it is almost tolerable.  (The pictures here are pre-sponge.)  I almost have the upper floor done - which is 3 of the 8 rooms, not including all the common area.  Sigh.  So, not only patience but I need perseverance. The latter, I have - stubborn to the end.  I will finish this!

Air's Barn Door

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  1. so, after much debate, I have hired my contractor to finish the wood staining. Ok. Ok. I gave in....but it isn't like there are about a bizillion other things to do to make our March 4th opening...!