Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Events at Le Puy - First Wedding Breakfast

As we roll into the lazy days of summer, the daisies are still in bloom and mornings are quiet and softly sunny.  The air carries the smell of the ocean as it rolls in from the west over the coastal range.  It keeps the valley fresh.  We had our first al fresco breakfast for a wedding couple and their family last weekend.  It was the morning after the wedding and the couple enjoyed a stay in "Heaven".  Breakfast started with homemade meusli and biscotti followed by pain perdu (oven-baked french toast) and Carlton Farms bacon.


  1. And thank you to Wendy Dreaney for the beautiful picture of our entry sign!

  2. Good to know about your beautiful venue and this wedding breakfast. Last month, I had arranged my sister’s wedding at one of lovely San Francisco wedding venues and invited all our family as well friends. It was a really beautiful wedding and we all had great time.