Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Showers

Spring is so amazing.  It is the first spring that I am at Le Puy full time.  So, I am getting to watch the slow, lazy wake-up of the trees, flowers, grasses and birds.  The Mt. Fuji cherry is on the brink of bud break, the maples have bright little red tufts where soon leaves will be, daffodils are fully bloomed and our tulips are starting to take a peek at April.  We have some blue birds flitting around and checking out the bird house donated by a neighbor.  The killdeer are back and nesting in the fields. Robins are twittering and hopping around - and battling themselves in one of the windows of the inn.  Sigh...every morning I have to clean up after the little guy.  You think he would tire of smashing himself aimlessly into the glass that appears to him to be another dueling male.  No one ever claimed that birds were genus!  

Guest reservations are slowly picking up - similar to the awakening of the buds on the trees.  Our hope is that like the trees, the reservations burst forth in full force. Back to that word patience again.  Nature has its steady patience, so I am learning to try to have mine!

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  1. Thank you Greg Sorenson for the beautiful photography!