Sunday, November 28, 2010


Thanksgiving is an interesting Holiday.  It happens so quickly after our weather turns and then all of a sudden it is Christmas time.  I had imagined that the construction work would be way over by now, so as 2011 gets closer, I am getting more nervous.  The house is a mish mash of completeness and I so desperately want to furnish it and open our doors.  I have lived amongst dirt and dust longer than I ever care to again.  But, the good news is there is lots of progress from the landscaping to the interior.  So, as this holiday passes, and the turkey settles, I give thanks that I am where I want to be and our dream is soon going to become reality.  Our reservations our live now, so fingers are crossed as we plan to open weekends in February and then full time in March!
View from Water's terrace
View from Mountain 
Lake's Bathroom 

New door at Earth's bathroom
Earth getting furniture finally!

Thunder's new barn door

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