Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Evenings

The lazy days of summer have settled in on Le Puy.  Construction is continuing.  The fire sprinkler system is now roughed in and the final rough plumbing, framing and cabling should be done in the next week or so.  The days are hot and in order to do landscape maintenance, we get up before 6am so that we can finish before noon.  The gardens that have been planted so far, are looking beautiful.  The evenings are especially wonderful, after a long day of working outside, then inside on all the many maintenance and renovation tasks, we can relax with a glass of wine and sit in the courtyard or on the north terrace and enjoy the amazing views and peacefulness that is summer in Willamette wine country. 
The water table has attracted lovely golden finches in the evening who stop for a drink and play in the water.  They thank us with their pretty little chirps and we sip our wine and smile thinking - yep, this is worth it!  Bruises, aches and all, what could be better!


  1. Just found your site after looking for Newberg blogs. I am very excited for you and your endeavor... the place looks lovely.

    Just wanted to say hello...

  2. Thanks! We are excited, nervous and scared at times! It is a big venture for us but I know that when we look back at how we made it happen, it will all be worth it!